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Distribute your Files Globally with Tigris and Fly.io

Serve your files quickly to users all around the globe with just a small configuration change using Tigris' globally distributed S3-compatible storage solution.

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Animate a Side Drawer with LiveView.JS

LiveView.JS is great for client-side animations because no round-trip to the server is needed. Here's how you can use JS to animate a side drawer.

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Unaccented Name Search with Postgres and Ecto

Postgres does not support searching for names with special characters by default. Here is how to fix it.

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How malicious libraries can steal all your application secrets

Adding libraries is a massive security risk. They gain FULL access to your configuration, database, and file-system. Here's how they could steal them and how to protect yourself.

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Announcing my new Video Course!

My first video course "Build an MVP with Elixir" helps you to get started with Elixir by building a real-world product together!

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Listen to Database Changes with Postgres Triggers and Elixir

Postgres Notifications allow you to subscribe to any changes in your database, even if they weren't made by your Elixir application! Let's learn how to set them up!

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Build dynamic Forms with JSON Schemas

Define custom forms without writing a single line of HTML. JSON Schemas help you define and adjust forms and validate user input all through a single configuration file.

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Build a Roles and Permissions System for Phoenix - Part 2

Learn how to prevent PII leaks from your Ecto queries by adding query restrictions to your Roles and Permissions system.

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Build a Roles and Permissions System for Phoenix - Part 1

Learn how to control access to your system by assigning granular roles and permissions to your users.

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Simulate Latency, Jitter, and Package Loss in Phoenix LiveView

Learn how to make your LiveView app more resilient by simulating bad internet connections.

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The Complete Guide to Full-text Search with Postgres and Ecto

A detailed deep-dive into efficient full-text search for multiple languages, result ranking, tsvectors and tsqueries, search modifiers, and so much more.

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Efficient Name Search with Postgres and Ecto

Search through millions of strings efficiently using indexed ILIKE or SIMILARITY queries.

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Prevent overlapping time ranges with Ecto and Postgres

Block overlapping appointments efficiently in your database using exclusion constraints and don't worry about double-bookings ever again!

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Optimize Ecto's insert_all with Placeholders

Write more efficient bulk insert queries and avoid sending duplicate data by using placeholders.

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The complete guide to Upserts with Ecto

Implement insert-or-update functionality for your schemas directly with Ecto's on_conflict option.

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Organize your tests with context tags

Clean up your test configuration and highlight test specifics with dedicated tags.

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Import a CSV into Postgres using Elixir

Learn how to dump and analyze large amounts of data from a CSV file into Postgres quickly.

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Simulating Conway's Game of Life with 100.000 Erlang Processes

Learn about how to tweak the performance of 100.000 Erlang processes and why Elixir isn't really that slow.

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Set up Livebook on your Raspberry Pi with Nerves

Write and test code directly on your Raspberry Pi with Livebook.

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Sending text messages from a Raspberry Pi with Nerves

Send a text message using the Waveshare GSM/GPS/GNSS Hat on a Raspberry Pi and Nerves.

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How to implement U2F Authentication with Phoenix LiveView

Arguably, the strongest multi-factor authentication method is U2F. Here is how to integrate it with your Phoenix LiveView application.

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How to deploy a Phoenix project with Fly.io

Fly.io allows you to quickly deploy a Phoenix application in different regions in the world. Here is how to get started.

Bridge the Gap - Bring your Software to life with Elixir and Nerves

Writing code is fun, but nothing tops seeing your code moving things in the real world. That’s why I tested out the Nerves library.

State Management with Phoenix LiveView and LiveEx

Writing code is fun, but nothing tops seeing your code moving things in the real world. That’s why I tested out the Nerves library.