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Resize User-provided Images with Cloudflare Images

Learn how to upload user-provided images to Cloudflare Images and to resize them into size variants that are optimal for your application.

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Animate a Side Drawer with LiveView.JS

LiveView.JS is great for client-side animations because no round-trip to the server is needed. Here's how you can use JS to animate a side drawer.

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Upload Encrypted Files to S3

Encrypting sensitive user files before uploading them to S3 is a must. This post shows how to encrypt and upload them and also how to download and decrypt them again using encryption keys unique per user.

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Announcing my new Video Course!

My first video course "Build an MVP with Elixir" helps you to get started with Elixir by building a real-world product together!

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Build dynamic Forms with JSON Schemas

Define custom forms without writing a single line of HTML. JSON Schemas help you define and adjust forms and validate user input all through a single configuration file.

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Simulate Latency, Jitter, and Package Loss in Phoenix LiveView

Learn how to make your LiveView app more resilient by simulating bad internet connections.

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Simulating Conway's Game of Life with 100.000 Erlang Processes

Learn about how to tweak the performance of 100.000 Erlang processes and why Elixir isn't really that slow.

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Set up Livebook on your Raspberry Pi with Nerves

Write and test code directly on your Raspberry Pi with Livebook.