Binary and Hexadecimal Numeral Systems

Posted on Wed 13 February 2019 in General • Tagged with binary, hex, hexadecimal • 3 min read

The binary numerical system forms the foundation on which our modern computers run. I recently played with Least Significant Bit Stenography and found myself diving into this topic again. So, if you ever wondered how the binary or hexademical system works, this is for you …

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Bitwise Operations

Posted on Thu 07 February 2019 in General • Tagged with binary, bitwise • 3 min read

I recently ran into a situation where I had to extract the last 2 bits of a number. This was a perfect use case to use bitwise operations, which are super damn fast and make you look like a super-duper developer prodigy in no time …

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Creating a Blog using Pelican

Posted on Mon 04 February 2019 in Python • Tagged with python, pelican, blog • 2 min read

I am not a person, who can do nothing for very long. So, when I found myself in between university and my first developer job, I decided on starting a Blog. This is it. Welcome :-)

Before starting the blog, I had some requirements for it …

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