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Handle Phoenix Exceptions gracefully

Silence the noisy Phoenix.NotAcceptableError and Plug.CSRFProtection.InvalidCSRFTokenError exceptions in your Phoenix application by implementing the Plug.Exception protocol for them.

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Test an external, read-only Repository in Phoenix

When your application connects to an external database in read-only mode, it becomes difficult to write proper tests for it. This post explains how to set up a simulated external database locally to make testing becomes easy again.

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Kill your Phoenix Context

Phoenix Contexts often become a dumping ground for code that doesn't have an obvious place. Learn how to organize your code using services, finders, and repositories.

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How to implement U2F Authentication with Phoenix LiveView

Arguably, the strongest multi-factor authentication method is U2F. Here is how to integrate it with your Phoenix LiveView application.

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How to deploy a Phoenix project with allows you to quickly deploy a Phoenix application in different regions in the world. Here is how to get started.

How to set up a Reverse Proxy with CloudFront, Lambda@Edge and Phoenix

Route traffic based on the path of a URL using AWS CloudFront and Lambda functions. A complete how-to using Phoenix servers.

State Management with Phoenix LiveView and LiveEx

Writing code is fun, but nothing tops seeing your code moving things in the real world. That’s why I tested out the Nerves library.