Hey! I recorded a video course!

My first video course is out and it's called: Build an MVP with Elixir
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Hey folks! I’ve got an exciting announcement to make!

I’ve just launched my very first video course titled Build an MVP with Elixir! Whether you’re a newbie developer or a seasoned pro looking to get into Elixir, this course will teach you how to get started!

The course shows you how to quickly develop and deploy a product using Elixir and Phoenix LiveView. It takes a learning-by-doing approach to giving you all you need to know to build your own product or to hit the ground running if you just switched to Elixir.

In the course, we will create the blogcash.app demo product, a blogging platform that allows authors to sell individual articles to their readers. It includes setting up user authentication, payment processing with LemonSqueezy, adding a custom domain, a mailing service, and much more.

In general, you will learn about these main topics:

  1. Setting up your local development environment 🛠️
  2. Crafting a Phoenix application 🌐
  3. Deploying your masterpiece to Fly.io 🚀
  4. A hands-on introduction to Phoenix and Phoenix LiveView 📚

You can check out the course and its complete table of contents on Gumroad. See you there! :)

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