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Test an external, read-only Repository in Phoenix

When your application connects to an external database in read-only mode, it becomes difficult to write proper tests for it. This post explains how to set up a simulated external database locally to make testing becomes easy again.

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Unaccented Name Search with Postgres and Ecto

Postgres does not support searching for names with special characters by default. Here is how to fix it.

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The Complete Guide to Full-text Search with Postgres and Ecto

A detailed deep-dive into efficient full-text search for multiple languages, result ranking, tsvectors and tsqueries, search modifiers, and so much more.

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Efficient Name Search with Postgres and Ecto

Search through millions of strings efficiently using indexed ILIKE or SIMILARITY queries.

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Prevent overlapping time ranges with Ecto and Postgres

Block overlapping appointments efficiently in your database using exclusion constraints and don't worry about double-bookings ever again!

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Optimize Ecto's insert_all with Placeholders

Write more efficient bulk insert queries and avoid sending duplicate data by using placeholders.

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The complete guide to Upserts with Ecto

Implement insert-or-update functionality for your schemas directly with Ecto's on_conflict option.