Hey! I recorded a video course!

My first video course is out and it's called: Build an MVP with Elixir
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I’m happy to announce that after five years of working full-time, I’ll hang up my employee hat and put on the chaos stress halo of a freelancer and startup entrepreneur. At least until I run out of money or my hair falls out, whatever comes first 😄

🔗 So, here’s what comes next

Through my network, I was referred to a very interesting Elixir freelance job where I’ll work 2 days a week. That’s gonna cover my monthly expenses (yey!)

The remaining days, I’ll work on my startup yellowspaceship.com. My goal is to get this thing off the ground and profitable within 6-12 months. I’ll #buildinpublic wherever possible. The first deadline is January 28th where we’ll go live with our Beta (you can sign up to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss it)

🔗 What this means for you

Not much will change. I’ll continue to post about Elixir on Twitter and my blog here but I’ll add learnings about being a bootstrapped founder to it. I’ll blog about all things education and video courses over at yellowspaceship.com.

Aside from that, prepare yourself for many more dad jokes because now I’ve got the time to post them relentlessly 😜

For example:

Elevators terrify me.

I’m taking steps to avoid them.

Alright! Now it’s time to actually start building something. Or maybe to make another coffee. Yeah, let’s do that first!

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